National park Kornati – individual tour

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Our partners organize personal one-day or half-day boat tours and excursions designed to ensure that your day at sea is a truly memorable one!
Their expert sailors, Pakoštane locals, will welcome you on board to proudly show you many natural wonders of the Kornati National park islands! The tour is for maximum of 7 passengers so you will be guaranteed friendly, personal and genuine service.


National park Kornati islands – group excursion

In the central part of the Croatian Adriatic, there is amazing group of islands Kornati. Due to the exceptional natural beauty, indented coastline and rich marine ecosystems in particular, in 1980. greater part of the Kornati archipelago was declared a national park. The most unique group of islands, cristal clear sea and suroundings which will leave your breathless, are really not seen every day.

Kornati National park covers the surface of

National park Krka waterfalls – excursion with bus and boat

Thanks to the constant process of calcification, Krka river is a phenomenon, an invaluable gift of nature to the people. Due to the natural beauty and geological characteristics the area of the Krka river was declared a national park in 1985., which covers a part of 109 km2 of the most beautiful river.
One of the most beautiful and unusual waterfall is Skradinski buk. Extremely interesting, because of the rich and

National park Plitvice lakes

Plitvice lakes are the biggest, the oldest and the most visited croatian national park which is among the most beautiful sights in the world. They consist of 16 beautifully clearly green lakes that excite with its beauty every visitor.

Numerous waterfalls, scent of the forests, vast forest areas, exeptional lakes and waterfalls, flora and fauna, mountain air, contrasting color, forest paths, wooden bridges and more a unique area, leave everyone

River Zrmanja – Kayak safari and rafting

If you are eager of the new adventures, we can offer you kayak, safari and rafting on river Zrmanja.
These excursions are organised every day.
Rafting lovers call this river the beauty and the beast, because it is one of the best rafting rivers in this part of Europe during the high water levels. On the other side, Zrmanja with its confluent river Krupa, is calm and peaceful during the summer, so

Adventure program

Standup paddling is a relatively new recreational water sport that has just recently come to Croatia.
Book a paddling pass with us  and pass through the Queen’s Canyon, from Obrovac to the Zrmanja delta
The sport requires only a board, wider and longer than a surfboard, and a paddle which you use while standing straight. This sport is ideal for all ages and levels of physical ability.
Reserve a board and

Nature park lake Vrana

Travelling along the Adriatic coast towards the northern Dalmatia, between two historical cities of Zadar and Šibenik, you will come across a natural phenomenon – the two equally beautiful and yet so very different shades of blue. On one side you will see the well indented Adriatic coast, famous for its alluring beauty and clear sea, and on the other side you will see the largest natural lake in Croatia.

National park Paklenica

Paklenica national park covers an area of the coastal slope of southern Velebit, just above the village Marasovići. Due to various natural-scientific, aesthetic and other diversity 1949. it was declared a national park. At the touch of the sea and mountains, and cut vertically into deep canyons, numerous interesting and unusual natural phenomena, where they encounter an abundance of geomorphological phenomena and forms, diverse wildlife, attractive landscapes and beautiful nature.