If you are eager of the new adventures, we can offer you kayak, safari and rafting on river Zrmanja.

These excursions are organized every day.
Rafting lovers call this river the beauty and the beast, because it is one of the best rafting rivers in this part of Europe during the high water levels. On the other side, Zrmanja with its confluent river Krupa, is calm and peaceful during the summer, so it carries its visitors through the fascinating landscape.

The area of river Zrmanja is separated in two parts, upper part of the canyon which is convenient for rafting and kayaking from Kaštel Žegarski to Muškovac, and lower part of quieter flow, often called the european Grand canyon, suitable for sea kayak, stand up paddeling and cruising with the boat.  Both parts of the canyon will offer visitors an unforgettable experience.
River Zrmanja is suitable for rafting until 15.05. and after 15.09. or after a lot of rain.
In the period 15.05. – 15.09. mainly it is used kayak.

We offer adventure programs as following:

  • Kayak or canoe safari on the river Zrmanja
    Kayak is ideal for those looking for active holidays and fun in nature.
    The entire trip takes place equally and on the same route as as rafting, only the duration of the trip is a little longer.
    The track, which guests pass is 14.5 km long and to cross it is necessary between 3.5 to 4.5 hours.
    The difference between rafting and kayaking is that at rafting skipper is in each raft and at kayak skipper follows the group in his own kayak. Kayaks are designed for two persons. Kayaks that we use are made of special rubber materials used primarily for the comfort of the guests for several hours in the water and canyon.
    Price for kayak safari is 300 KN per person, children under 12 years pay 150 KN per person.

  • Rafting on the river Zrmanja
    Start rafting / kayak trail is in Kastel Žegarski. There are dressing rooms. Guests are dressed in a swimsuit that they carry with them, take neoprene suits, safety helmet, safety vest and neoprene shoes for water. It will be a short briefing with the skipper who will tell them all about the river Zrmanja, track and canyon that they will pass. Rubber rafts are for 6-12 persons. The track, which guests pass is 14.5 km long and to cross it is necessary between 2.5 to 3.5 hours.
    On that track guests will see the beauty of the river and its crystal clear waters meander through two hundred meters deep canyon. River has created many travertine waterfalls, one of which stands out a waterfall of 11 meters – “Veliki buk”. Zrmanja has no access paths and roads and this is the only way to see the canyon of the river.
    Rafting is ideal for all those guests looking for adrenaline and fun.
    Price for rafting is 300 KN per person, children under 12 years pay 150 KN per person.

From personal things, we recommend that you wear a swimsuit swimsuit (underneath the neoprene suit), extra dry clothes for wearing after the activity, and note that your own footwear is a very important thing (older shoes and so on – important for security reasons canyon).
All the personal belongings of the rafting / kayak participants are placed in the foreseen boxes and are driven to the finish line of the track.
For cameras, cell phones and other technologies, it is necessary to ask for waterproof boxes that go with you on a raft or kayak, and guests carry them at your own risk.
Reserve this exciting and interesting adventure and see where river Zrmanja will take you.

For more information contact us on info@aquarius-pakostane.com or you can visit us in our office.

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