New accommodation offer in Pakoštane.
An interesting hostel near the center.
Hostel has 3 rooms and can accommodate 10 persons. Rooms share the bathroom.

  • Room 1. Private room for two and can be booked only whole.
  • Room 2. Room for two but with bunk beds.
    In this room it is possible to book only 1 bed or the whole room. Pets are allowed if the room is whole booked. No additional charge, but with advance notice.
  • Room 3. Room for 6 persons, bunk beds.


Prices for 1 night:
July / August
Room 1. 37 EUR for 2 persons
Room 2. 21 EUR per person
Room 3. 19 EUR per person

Room 1. 29 EUR for 2 persons
Room 2. 16 EUR per person
Room 3. 15 EUR per person

Prices do not include tourist tax, which is 10 kuna per person per day.
Children up to 12 years are free, and from 12 to 18 years pay 5 kuna per child per day.

Also here guests can book a breakfast at a cost of 49 kuna per person.