Here, where pleasure and beauty meet, the hospitality of the people and the tameness of the Dalmatian region, we invite you to spend an unforgettable vacation.

There is a saying that we, the hosts, are very proud of, and it goes like this: Whoever comes to Pakoštane once, will come at least one more time.
Trust us, it’s not just a story – see for yourself.

Pakoštane is a small Dalmatian town, located in the very heart of Dalmatia.
On the north side, it is guarded by the largest natural lake in Croatia – Lake Vrana, and from the sea it is protected by three guardians, three islands – St. Juština, Školj and Babuljaš. The surroundings of the village are adorned with the extraordinary natural beauty of national parks (Kornati, Krka waterfalls, Paklenica and Plitvice lakes) and nature parks (Vrana lake, Telašćica bay), which you can visit on group or individual tours with expert local guides.

For everyone who wants to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature, here they can find their cove on the beaches that stretch through the entire town or on the nearby islands. Those who are eager for research and activities can visit the surroundings by bike, car or boat and experience the beauty of the combination of nature and human hands.
Regardless of whether you come on vacation with children, friends or as a couple, everyone can find something for themselves here. Play beach volleyball, ride the bike path around Vrana lake, jog by the sea, sail, surf, dive, kayak on Zrmanja, visit Maškovića Han in Vrana and go back to the Middle Ages, discover fun in the theme fun park Biograd… whatever chosen, here you will find a number of options that will make your vacation relaxed, fulfilling and interesting.

Various fun events and manifestations will complete your summer evenings and bring you closer to the life that has been lived in Dalmatia since ancient times. Try deliciously prepared traditional dishes in various restaurants and taverns and find entertainment and nightlife in lounge bars by the sea.

Good transport connections allow you to visit old historical cities in the area such as Zadar, Nin, Šibenik, Split, Trogir – discover their cultural sights and peculiarities.

That’s why we suggest it’s time for the relaxation you deserve.
Come to Pakoštane, experience the hospitality of the hosts and feel the pleasant atmosphere in the place… and yes, you will definitely come back, at least one more time.

Photo: Tourist board Pakoštane